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Why isn’t my iPad charging when I connect it to my computer?

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You may have asked yourself the question “Why isn’t my iPad charging when connected to the computer?” Here’s why: Unlike most devices that plug into your computer’s USB port, your iPad may tell you it’s not  charging when connected in this manner. Why? Because your USB port isn’t supplying enough power.

If you don’t have your AC adapter handy, try plugging the iPad into a different USB port. The wattage delivered to each port varies. For example, USB ports in the rear of desktops usually are higher power than those in the front.

And if changing ports doesn’t work? Turn off the screen on your iPad and leave it plugged in. It will charge, very slowly.

Or, just use your AC Adapter and plug it in the wall outlet.  This is the fastest way to charge the iPad.


4 Responses to Why isn’t my iPad charging when I connect it to my computer?

  1. the place where you check how charged it is isnt turning green like it usually does when i charge my ipad and i need to download photos to my computor and my ipad isnt even showing up

  2. Thanks Tech Gal…I would’ve never thought of that (that the USB might not be supplying enough power). I’ve been wondering why my iPhone will charge but not my (wife’s) iPad when connected to my PC. Cheers!

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